• We Are BioExchange
    An innovative online linking UK biotech and
    medtech companies with vetted Asian fund and
    industry partners.
    A quick, easy to use, and safe online healthcare
    community, facilitating deal flow, cross-border
    trade and investment, rebalancing risk and reward.
    Enabling British and Asian research teams to
    collaborate directly with their peers on multi-
    country, multi-site trials and projects.

Our Vision

Connecting the best of British life sciences, medtech and e-health companies to vetted Asian fund and industry partners for optimal business matching.

Training modules for both investors and entrepreneur education from leading industry associations.

Facilitating significant data analysis reports which can be used by policy makers to better determine which areas of medical research capability are of the greatest interest.

Direct messaging functionality to enable a direct, 1-1 contact between project owners and investors as well as full translation services throughout the platform.

Successful integration of life science solutions into overseas health care systems offering improved healthcare and business outcomes.


Q: What is BioExchange?
A: It is an online platform that serves as an active showcase for life science projects and as a medium for the exchange of ideas, resources and business opportunities between British life sciences companies and Asian investors and industry partners.
Q: What’s on the platform?
A: On BioExchange, vetted British life science companies or individual IP owners publish breakthrough projects seeking to find an industry partner to commercialise the technology or collaborate with the research. Each project is presented in a short description that contains an overview and details of the commercial opportunity. These opportunities range from early-stage to ready-for-licensing projects.
Q: What are BioExchange’s functionalities?
A: BioExchange’s functionalities include direct messaging, translation services from English to a range of Asian languages and vice versa, and project matching functionalities between project owners and investors/partners.
Q: Who does BioExchange serve?
A: BioExchange aims to serve British life science companies or individual IP owners wanting to promote their projects as well as Asian investors and industry partners (with a business licence) looking to invest in this sector. We do not permit access to consultants, legal professionals, public users, or third-party service providers except for the platform owners and specified consortium partners.
Q: Are there any costs associated with using BioExchange?
A: Currently there are no costs associated with submitting basic requests to connect with potential business partners, and no downstream success fees are claimed from successful collaborations.
Q: Will my personal information be shared externally?
A: Your personal information (name, contact details, and research interests) is kept strictly confidential at all times. Upon requesting to connect with a business partner, your details will be passed on so that you can be contacted directly with the additional information requested. Your personal information will not be shared with any external partners.
Q: How long will it take for registration confirmation?
A: Registration confirmation will be received within 48 hours from submission.
Q: Will investors contact me directly?
A: Yes, the platform encourages free communication between both parties. It is up to you to get back to your potential investors with any information, follow-up actions or advertising techniques you want.
Q: Can project owners look for other project owners on the platform?
A: No, currently project owners can only look for potential investors/industry partners and vice versa.